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Carlo Calloni

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Carlo is a Senior Project Manager at CBRE and joins us to talk about  what it's like to have a panic attack, the crippling impact of anxiety and the healing power he has found in meditation and baking. 

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Jon Casey

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Jon is a Sustainability Consultant at Atkins and opens up to discuss his personal journey with depression and how to find your safe working load.  We discuss challenging deadlines, having high expectations of ourselves and learning to recognise the signs of burnout.

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Harriet Clark

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Harriet is an Assistant Project Manager at Turner & Townsend. Harriet suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which impacts upon her life every day. We have an eye opening conversation about living with an invisible illness and what this means for work and home life.


Paul Sheffield

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Paul Sheffield is President of the Institution of Civil Engineers in addition to his other roles as non-executive Director of Southern Water Services, member of the BAM supervisory board and an industrial advisor to the board of Manchester Airport Group Paul talks candidly about mental health in the construction industry and surviving boom and bust.


Lucy Howard

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Lucy is Director at Turner & Townsend and co-founder of Constructing Mindsets. Lucy talks openly about her experience of going through a mental breakdown; what it feels like to experience a breakdown and how she came through the other side stronger than ever. We discuss how you might identify your trigger points for stress or anxiety and the power of the support network around you.


Hannah Schaapkens

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Hannah is a Senior Electrical Engineer at Hurley Palmer Flatt and co-founder of Constructing Mindsets . Hannah shares her very personal story about grief; what it felt like, how she coped, the support network she used, and a reflection on how to support others that may be going through the same.

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